Google Assistant, Voicebots & Chatbot

Google Assistant & Voice Bots

Engage your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We use industry standard platforms to create human-like discussions with your customers.

People will always use the easiest option to communicate with your business. Google Assistant is penetrating the market at supersonic speed, with sales of smart speakers increasing year on year, most new TV’s having Google Assistant or Alexa built in, new cars now come with either direct access to Google Assistant or it can be accessed via the inbuilt apps, plus Google Assistant is available on all mobile phones either in native format on Android devices or using the Google Assistant app on iPhones. Talking to your business via an AI assistant is available now.

AI assistant

Facebook Messenger

Automate your facebook messages. Provide rich content, book events, send forms, and pass to a human if required. The chatbot incorporates AI technology using Natural Processing Language.

Whats App

Let your customers contact you via What’s App so you can respond to their enquiries 24/7. You can take and confirm orders, provide information or book a service.

Website Chat

Automate your website enquiries. Answer questions 24/7 allowing your customers to continue with their order process or service booking. Provide forms, images and other rich media as required.

Google Assistant

Customers can talk your AI bot from their home, mobile, car and other smart device. They can order products and services just using their voice. The voicebot incorporates AI technology.

Reduce Staff Costs

The use of voicebots and chatbots allows your business to answer queries 24/7. Customers now expect immediate help and your business doesn’t need to employ more staff to meet this need. In businesses with a high number of enquiries, voicebots and chatbots will help you either reduce staff, or divert those staff to more complex tasks.

goole assistant

Increase Efficiency

The ability to automate processes will help your business become more efficient. More efficiency leads to more profit for you.

voice bot
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“The team at Kintye have developed a Facebook Messenger chatbot for the Dural Chamber of Commerce. We are a volunteer organisation, so we are not available much of the time to answer online questions. We have found the chatbot really useful.”

Mark Coupar

Membership Officer
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