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We provide services that utilize multi channel marketing including new emerging technologies such as Google Assistant, Voice and Chat Bots utilizing AI (artificial intelligence). These technologies are combined with existing online marketing such as website/SEO, Google Adwords, Google My Business and social media marketing. We don’t ignore the tried and tested tradition marketing channels of direct email marketing, advertising in local community media and printed brochures and flyers where these channels suit the business target audience.

Voicebots, Chatbots, Google Assistant & Alexa

Service your Customers 24/7

People will always use the easiest option to communicate with your business. Google Assistant is penetrating the market at supersonic speed, with sales of smart speakers increasing year on year, most new TV’s having Google Assistant or Alexa built in, new cars now come with either direct access to Google Assistant or it can be accessed via the inbuilt apps – read more.

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Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Google Analytics

Marketing with Google

Google Adwords, Google Adsense and their associated algorithms are constantly evolving and businesses need to quickly adapt to take advantage of changes, otherwise you lose market penetration.

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Social Media Analysis

Digital Marketing Strategy

Social media is about customer engagement, brand awareness. Learn how to harness these platforms.

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Website Services

Website design, hosting and SEO

Creating user friendly website, easy to navigate, quick to load

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Direct Marketing

Other online and offline marketing channels

Direct marketing channels including email, desktop notifications, sms, flyers, brochures and other traditional channels.

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We Are Investors in People

Quick wins to increase customer adquisition, lead and sales. We take a look at the big picture.

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Offline Direct marketing and Growth your Customer base and online Traffic.

If you’re looking for a digital agency that will have a strategic plan to help you to be more successful in your business, please contact us now. We don’t charge for an initial consultation.


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Curabitur ac leo nunc. Vestibulum et mauris vel ante finibus.


Curabitur ac leo nunc. Vestibulum et mauris vel ante finibus.

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“The team at Kintye are fabulous. They helped us grow our business both online and offline. We continue to have year on year growth due to their progressive approach

Chris Compton
Director, Compton Media