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Offline and Direct Marketing

Offline and Direct Marketing

Offline Marketing

Offline and direct marketing are traditional marketing methods which have been in existence for decades. For some businesses they work exceptionally well. All businesses benefit from some form of direct marketing, even if its just in the form of a business card, locally delivered flyer with a great offer.

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Direct Marketing

Using physical paper, cards, catalogues or external signage to promote your business is used by most businesses to some degree. As the saying goes, “A business with no sign is a sign of no business”. Different businesses have different requirements, but regardless of the medium, the message and brand needs to be consistent. We help you look at all your options, we keep your brand consistent across all platforms. We help you test different options before embarking on larger campaigns. You may be surprised by what works.

Email/SMS Marketing

Mailchimp is probably the most well known Email Marketing platform, but did you know you can also use SMS, message apps and computer desktop notifications. Technology is constantly changing and we can help you work out which service works best for your business. We co-ordinate your campaigns. We ensure you don’t message too often, but only use direct messages when they are going to be the most effective for you and your customers.
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