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Website and SEO

Website and SEO

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We build aesthetically pleasing, functional, easy to navigate websites, hosted on a secure server based in Australia. Our websites load quickly and adhere to google best practices to ensure they rank highly and are an effective marketing tool for your business.

Website Design

Website design isn’t just about having a professional look, it’s about the psychology of human behaviour. Knowing what works, what information needs to be included and where its located is vital particularly if you are selling products or services. The websites we build are effective and create results. We work with you to set goals and provide you with detailed reporting each and every month. Your website needs to work for you, it should create income, not be an expense.


All our websites are hosted here in Australia. We take security very seriously and all our websites run with high levels of security as a standard. Using highly optimized servers means our websites load quickly, thereby improving google page ranking. With fully automated monitoring and reporting, we ensure our websites experience little or not downtime. Our servers are infinitely scaleable to ensure you can handle significant traffic spikes when required. Backups are included in our pricing together with email hosting.


SEO & Analytics

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Google Analytics are critical elements of your website. It’s amazing how many businesses think they can build a website, then everyone will know its there. With over 1,295,973,827 websites worldwide and 22 million internet users in Australia, how will they find your website? Search Engine Optimisation is the first step, followed by online marketing. Once you start SEO and marketing, you need to understand what’s working and what’s not. Google Analytics is the tool which shows you all the data you need.


Website & SEO

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Our websites offer reliability, security, fast page loading, and a professional and user-friendly graphical interface.

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