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Do I Need a website design for small business? 10 Reasons Why the Answer is Yes

If your business is doing nicely, you may be wondering if I need a website design for small businesses at all.

What is the goal of having a website when my business is already profitable?

There has certainly never been a better time to invest in your business. Having a website provides many benefits to any small business, So the value of these benefits, like the Internet itself, increases every year.

If you’ve not been convinced yet, here are 10 benefits of a simple website for your small business.

10 reasons a small business needs a website design for small business


1-Show your professionalism by website design for small business

It is interesting to know that 84% of today’s shoppers think that businesses that have a website are more reputable than those that only operate on social networks. A website can display the certificates or awards you have earned for your job. In addition, having a personal website allows you to create a branded email (e.g. [email protected]) that can make you look professional, especially if you have ever used a personal email. If you want to use the marketing power of email marketing, some personal email tools may not send you an email.

2- Your website will add new customers through Google

Although you may be satisfied with your sales, every company will experience customer turnover. To increase your success, you need to attract new customers, one of which is to be seen more on Google.

Although social networks are indexed like Google on the web and can be found with search engines’ social network posts, the website gives you more access and facilities for SEO and as you know SEO is the key to showing you Will be on Google’s front page.

Search engine optimization or SEO, despite its name, which can be scary, is relatively simple in practice. In this way, first, you have to enter the words and phrases related to your business in a keyword research tool and through it, you will find out the number of visits to each of them on Google, and then you will start producing your content based on those phrases.

In general, as a rule, each piece of content should focus on a different keyword related to your business, because as your content list grows, your site will be able to rank more keywords. There are great SEO plugins in WordPress that will help you in SEO without any prior knowledge. You can also do this in the best possible way with the help of website design for small businesses.

3- Showcase your products and services easily

By uploading unique photos of your business, your potential customers will see what they will get when they work with you. Check out how this is done by an Italian restaurant papa’s pizza on its website:

In addition, you can share the feeling of entering your physical position with people by using prominent images. When your brand is the same as your sense of location, it will bring great results. Like the German restaurant “sky vision”:

By having a website, you can even publish important content about your products and services to attract the right users and customers. For example, a restaurant owner can include gluten-free foods on their card so that people with celiac disease or diseases that increase the risk of gluten can be informed that they can eat at your restaurant.

4- You can share the best customer comments and criticisms on your home page

Showing your comments or criticisms on the home page in a prominent way can be a great way to prove yourself socially. These may be in the form of personal customer descriptions such as the following on the sample website:

If your business is glowing in magazines, local blogs, or newspaper articles, you can show them off as well. Like the following example:

Showing the best customer feedback creates a permanent archive where you can always access the best feedback.

5- By placing a contact button on the website design for small businesses, you will encourage customers to contact you.

You can put your contact information and address in the header of your website to be available to the general public. For example, the PEK site puts its contact information in the header section of its site:

On the Modern Instruments website, you can easily create a simple contact form to use your contact information instead of email, which is not very protected against spam.

6-You can easily mark your business location on Google Maps so that customers can easily find you

Complete your website with Google Maps, which you can place directly on your homepage, and help your customers find you easily. Like the Streamlabs site, which displays a map of your company’s location directly on its home page:

Having a Google Map on the home page of the site, especially when you are hosting an event, helps your non-local customers find your business location easily and attracts people who spend their time in the neighbourhood around your business. It is not spent.

7-A website can establish your position in the industry related to you

If your competitors have an online business and a website and you do not, you should know that customers interact with your competitors first and then with you. Because by 2021, 71% of small businesses had a website and 81% of customers research the product online before buying.

In general, launching a website creates your role in the industry, direct communication with your customers, and creates a space to share your business knowledge. You can entrust the work to website design for small business to launch the website

8-Creating and managing a website is not scary at all

Using site tools such as Squarespace and Wix, you can create an attractive site compatible with mobile users even without coding knowledge. Even WordPress, one of the most well-known free tools sites, has become a block editor.

In other words, creating a functional, simple and beautiful website has never been so easy.

9-Your long-term success is guaranteed by having a website

It is good to know that by January 2021, 59.5% of the world’s population (approximately 4.66 billion people) used the Internet, which is certainly much higher in many countries, for example, in the United States, more than 90% of people are online.

As the world progresses towards the digital age, having a business website will make you invisible to everyone unless you invest in building a website.

However, to stay in this digital world, you have to go online. You can start this now with website design for small businesses.

10-You can even get all these benefits without spending a lot of money

Creating a website can cost you less than $ 100 a year if you want to follow a simple, non-technical method that is much cheaper. Of course, building a site will not be easier than before.

To set up a cost-effective website, you can use WordPress site builder, which is very popular among users, along with a free template. You can also minimize costs by using shared web hosting. All of this is done at an affordable cost on website design for small businesses.

Finally, you may be wondering if I need a website for my business.

If you are looking for more and more long-term growth, be sure to answer questions such as “Do I need a website for my business?” Or “Can I not have a website in this digital age?” It is negative. In the digital age and future, businesses without a website will be pushed aside by connecting customers and competitors, and it will no longer be possible to stay without a business website because your customers and competitors are online.

To get started, if you are ready, you can start working with site builders along with our simple step-by-step tutorials on how to build a WordPress website. All tutorials are available to you on website design for small businesses. As you know, more than 30% of the websites on the Internet are made through WordPress, which is one of the most popular free tool sites, which can be due to its cost-effectiveness and simple user interface.

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