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what is a whois lookup?

In moment’s blog, we’re going to give a rundown on what web-grounded. au WHOIS Lookup is and why and how you might use it. In case you are wondering about the term, WHOIS tells you ‘ who is ’ the proprietor of a sphere name.

whois lookup

In short, WHOIS Lookup allows you to search a. au sphere name and access information about the enrollment. This service is available for the utmost TLDs in the world and aims to foster translucency and effectiveness in the sphere name assiduity. That said, WHOIS programs differ between namespaces. The full. au WHOIS policy can be set up on the auDA website.

For this blog, we’ll only bandy the web-grounded lookup service and not the Port 43 service which we’ll save for another time. We’ll also concentrate on the and spaces, although the below applies to any WHOIS lookup.

How do you perform a WHOIS Lookup?

  1. Visit the .au WHOIS Lookup tool.
  2. Enter a .au sphere name you wish to check and the control textbook.
  3. Click submit.


still, it’ll deliver a result as per the screenshot below, If the sphere is registered. However, it’ll come back with the textbook NOT set up, If the sphere name isn’t registered. However, you can use our sphere vacuity check tool,( If you just want to check vacuity.)


What’s the WHOIS Lookup tool used for?

WHOIS data is primarily demanded by registrants, prospective registrants, intellectual property defenders who are probing suspected violations, and law enforcement agencies. Three primary data rudiments are of particular interest to these parties

Registrant Contact Information

As you can see in the screenshot over, WHOIS data contains the name and contact details of the sphere registrant. This may be the business proprietor, a hand, or their IT service provider.

The record must contain a dispatch address so applicable parties can communicate with the registrant. As it’s an eligibility criterion disciplines, the record will display the registrant’s ABN/ ACN number. Other details are recorded for the sphere extensions.

Registrar & Abuse Contact Details

The WHOIS record lists the registered name and their abuse contact details which can be communicated in the event abuse needs to be reported,e.g. spam, cyber-attacks, etc.

Sphere Name Status

The current status of the sphere is displayed in the WHOIS data. The standard status, as per the. au sphere lifecycle, for a sphere that’s registered and outside of the 90-day renewal period, is server renew prohibited.

Still, a record may hold several status canons including one or further ‘ banned ’ canons that indicate the sphere name has been locked at the registry- position as a means of increased security. (Further on .au Registry Lock in an unborn blog.)
The WHOIS record may show other information including the associated name of waiters, specialized contact details, and eligibility type.

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